Maybe the expression “having an open door” became some sort of cliché or just something too used in ministries vocabulary to mean anything.

I always like to look at the whole context where this expression is used and I find that the apostle Paul does it in his epistles to the Corinthians. Everyone understands what an open door is. It’s not an actual door but it’s an opportunity to serve God. And when that happens in some places, it’s just amazing. This is what’s going on in Budesti, a town 30 km away from Bucharest. The people in our team who go there are just overwhelmed of the people’s desire to hear the Word of God.

This Sunday, the 14th of November 2010, another one of these opportunities has risen. Speaking of Christ seems to be of interest in a new part of the town. They are waiting for a team next Sunday, the 21st. It is overwhelming for the people who go there and for us as a team. This would represent a third group of people and it’s overwhelming and scary.

Why overwhelming? Because we’ve never seen so much desire in people to hear us. It’s not that we promised them any material support. No. They are just willing to hear us.
Why scary? You only have to see it for yourself to understand. Budesti, as we said it on numerous occasions, is not a very safe place to be.

Now, there is a request that as a team we would like to write in here.
PRAY very hard this week for the meeting on Saturday!
I am sure God will answer in His goodness and will grant us wisdom, peace and protection.

Your support is much appreciated!
In Christ, Ana Popa


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