While we are serving, trials come along the way

There’s a team going to this small town every Sunday after church. Claudia and her daughters are coming to church in the morning all the way from Budesti. On their way back they host the Bible study for a few people who really want to know more about God and His Holy Word.

Aurica is our other connexion there, she works at the City hall and she is an important contact for us. The day we visited she was not well. But God listened to my prayers and the situation she was in came to an end. Turns out that her daughter, Maria, went through a trial…her words can say it better: “It all happens now when I wanted to get closer to God and know Him better. I am sure it’s all brought about by Satan.”
Aurica, her husband and her family are very supportive of us in Budesti.
They came along with us for a weekend up in the mountains and that was a pleasant experience for them. Especially for the husband, who did not want to have anything to do with evangelicals before our trip. But God knows why He allows trials and doubts in our lives, He knows everything and He is blessing our eternal future.

By the grace of our Lord we bought a ton of wood for Tanta, the first lady we met in Budesti and one who always ensures we have an open door in that area. There are many children who gather in front of her house usually.
We need a little house to meet now, especially since winter is approaching. It’s a prayer of ours and we would like you to join us.

Pray for these meetings, with grown ups and children. God’s Word brings fruit.
Sandina Ioncea & Ana Popa


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