"I opened up the Bible and God spoke to me"

Budesti is not a place like any other. Many people label it as a place of unemployment, illegality and crime.
What’s interesting though it’s God’s point of view in all of this. And no, the Scriptures don’t mention Budesti, but they mention that Christ came to save the lost, the poor and those in need of a doctor. And more, our Great Saviour came on this very earth, took a body just like our own and died a terrible death. For the Father and for the lost. Christ, who is the very definition of perfection and holiness, humbled Himself that much.
This is God’s opinion about Budesti.
And the people in this place need God. Some realize it, like Mrs. Claudia. She is saying something that astonishes us all: "I opened up the Bible and God spoke …to me. He told me there that He never gets too tired or too weary…to forgive me, to forgive my sins."
Some other people, like Tanta and her family, are joining us maybe for their own best interests. But you should see those children…they take everything in, they absorb the songs, the stories. You should see how those faces lighten up when it’s craft time. It’s like holiday season for them. Some children wait for us for hours before we arrive there, they don’t even want to eat or do anything else.
These little people need God. These unemployed men and women, need God. The drug dealers, the prostitutes and the mob, need God. The mayor and the policemen, need God.

They all need a Savior!
Join us in prayer for Budesti!
Ana Popa


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